Our Team

Our Team

Gloria Warren

Gloria Warren, DM SMP, MHLS

Founder, CEO

Dr. Gloria Warren's experience began in the education industry and expanded into pharmaceutical research and development, clean energy development, data management, sustainable construction, project management, business development, software development, regulatory compliance, alternative fuel development, and international humanitarian projects; Further interests led Dr. Warren to a multitude of certifications that included FEMA, action research, pharmaceutical research, epidemiology, information technology, and others.

Dr. Warren has developed and organized workshops and curricula in various fields and is a Founder of the Sustainability Management Institute. While certified in Global Environmental Management by the Technical University of Denmark, she is inspired to grow the sustainable field using the product's full life cycle analysis and process redevelopment. She looks forward to providing a professional SMI certification program that rationalizes sustainability, management, and measures as applied to the triple-bottom line (people, profits, and planet).

Dr. Warren holds degrees in Project Management (BS) Summa Cum Laude from Colorado Technical University, MS in Homeland Security with a concentration in Emergency Management and Public Health from CTU, and a Doctorate in Management (DM) with a concentration in Environmental & Social Sustainability (ESS) from CTU.

Brandum Pierson

Brandum Pierson, DM SMP

Director of Water and Wastewater

Senior Sustainability Analyst

Dr. Brandum Pierson has more than twelve years of experience in the wastewater treatment industry. His experience also branches into teaching environmental science courses relative to wastewater treatment while being an active member of the Water Environment Federation and the national organization known as the Breakthrough Alliance. Currently, Dr. Pierson is working on scholarly research for a book on food deserts in inner cities such as Baltimore.

Dr. Brandum Pierson holds a Bachelor’s in Sustainability Management, a Master's of Environmental Management (MS), and a Doctor of Management (DM) with a concentration in Environmental and Social Sustainability from Colorado Technical University. Along with his degrees, and extended certifications, Dr. Brandum strives to expand his knowledge while applying it within SMI’s textbook.

Angella Pollock

Angela Pollock, DM SMP

Director of Information

Senior Sustainability Analyst

Dr. Pollock’s career spans 18 years in national and international charitable non-profit organizations, where she honed her social skills as president, vice-president, and treasurer of multiple organizations. Observing social inequity intersecting with environmental injustice resulted in her involvement with environmental groups, including the Sierra Club, Greenpeace, and the Louisiana Bucket Brigade.

Over the past 15 years, Dr. Pollock has taught anthropology and sociology courses at two universities and three community colleges, spreading social and environmental change news. She is on assignment as an International Adjunct Professor teaching Management at Tiffin University’s branch in Romania.

Dr. Angela Pollock graduated from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology. Later her interests turned to social and environmental activism, leading her to a second bachelor’s in Natural Resource Policy Management, a Master’s degree in Sociology, and another in Environmental Policy Management. She received her Doctorate of Management (DM) with a concentration in Environmental and Social Sustainability and continues today with a certificate in Nature-based Solutions for Disaster and Climate Resilience.

Clay Thompson

Clay Thompson, DM PMP, LEED AP

Founder, COO

Dr. Clay Thompson is a retired Air Force Civil Engineer Officer with a career spanning 33 years in the environmental field, including ten years in the private sector and five years with the state government. With experience ranging from crafting multinational environmental guidance and agreements, comprehensive practical OSHA and Environmental Compliance Assessments, and establishing environmental construction projects in the US, Europe, and Southwest Asia. Dr. Thompson has served as a Subject-Matter Expert and lectured on broad environmental subjects at symposiums, courses, and through published works. Recent experience has broadened his horizon to include Big Data applications supporting sustainability.

As an owner of a small business and three Wetland Mitigation Banks in Florida, his interests focus on leadership and change management, system balance and optimization, and biosystem and wetland sustainability. From childhood, Dr. Thompson discovered and fostered a passion for environmental and sustainability causes. He received his Bachelor of Industrial Engineering from Georgia Tech and a Master of Science in Engineering Management from the University of Tennessee Space Institute before earning his Doctor of Management (DM) with a concentration in Environmental and Social Sustainability.

Rhonda E. McBride

Rhonda McBride, DM SMP, CHMM, REM, FSD

Director of Environmental Health

Senior Sustainability Analyst

Dr. Rhonda McBride’s experience began with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which spanned 27 years. While formally trained as an Environmental Engineer, she was primarily employed as a Chemical Engineer, with extensive experience as an overseas Toxics Program Manager for the U.S. Navy and an Adjunct college professor. She currently is an Adjunct Professor at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, teaching Environmental Compliance and Safety.

Currently, Dr. McBride is one of SMI’s senior industry experts as an Environmental Engineer Consultant, licensed as an environmental professional, a Registered Environmental Manager (REM), and a Certified Hazardous Materials Manager (CHMM). As a scholarly practitioner and industry professional, she has become a change agent who is actively engaged in helping the next generation of professionals grow in their knowledge and expertise through education.

She received an M.A. in Organizational Management and Project Management, followed by a Doctor of Management (DM) with a concentration in Environmental and Social Sustainability.

Cynthia DeNardo

Cynthia DeNardo, DM SMP

Director of Food and Agriculture

Senior Sustainability Analyst

Dr. DeNardo has over 30 years of experience in management, food safety, and food quality by doing what is right and looking for solutions through collaboration. She is currently the director of food safety at a 3,600-acre vegetable farm in Colorado. She also assists with human resources to support the training and requirements of over four hundred fifty employees, mostly H2A seasonal agricultural workers. She is the Chair of the Food and Safety Committee for the Colorado Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association and Treasurer on the Board of Directors at Salud Family Health. She has her Pesticide Applicator License in Colorado, is a Licensed Pesticide Applicator, and is a certified OSHA Practitioner.

Dr. DeNardo received a Bachelor of Science in Biology with a minor in Psychology from the University of Colorado at Denver, a Master of Science in Food Safety (Michigan State University) and Organization Leadership and Management (Regis University), and a Doctor of Management (DM) with a concentration in Environmental and Social Sustainability from CTU. Additionally, Dr. DeNardo is bilingual in English and Spanish, and her passion is for everyone to access safe, nutritious food and health care.

Melanie Otemoyolo

Melanie Otemoyolo, DCS MBA, MCTS

Senior IT Sustainability Analyst

Dr. Melanie Otemoyolo has a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, an MBA in Information Technology Management, and a Doctor of Management (DM) with a concentration in Environmental and Social Sustainability, all from Colorado Technical University.

Dr. Otemoyolo is bilingual (English/French) with over 18 years of experience in Dell server and storage systems, escalation management, data analysis, and IT project management. She is a freelance interpreter and the founder of ADELPHI Consulting, a new firm that will help small and medium-sized enterprises in emerging nations adopt business intelligence solutions. She has CompTIA Network+ and Project+ certification, as well as multiple Microsoft Certified Professional certifications.

Additionally, she is the Vice President of two Congolese associations, both locally and internationally. Her research interests include Business Intelligence, Big Data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, cybersecurity

Dr. Asefaw Indrias

Asefaw Indrias, DBA, SMP

President of International Development
Senior Sustainability Analyst

Dr. Asefaw Indrias has three decades of professional and academic career experience. He is an active businessman, owning start-ups in government, transportation, and manufacturing; his principal areas of expertise include global Leadership, management, finance, economics, international business, organizational and employee development, and leadership development. He has held several roles at universities in the United States and abroad as the business studies program director, assistant dean, and full-time and adjunct professor (online and on-campus). He teaches business classes, including global Leadership, the Foundation of Leadership, and all MBA degree courses, while mentoring doctoral students. He is a visiting professor at Tenologico De Monterrey (2014-present) and the National American University (Mexico). While being the owner of the Lighthouse Group Holding LLC (Overland Park, KS), he is a minority contractor for the state of Kansas and an investor in other businesses. He speaks several languages fluently and enjoys traveling with his wife Melete Ghile, to study foreign languages and different international cultures.

Dr. Indrias received his Bachelor of Science in Business Management and Master’s in Public Management from Park University. He earned his second Master’s in Project Management, MBA from DeVry University, and a Doctoral degree (DBA) from the University of Phoenix.